Tuesday, September 22

Love And Other Enchantments - The Dream Ship

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned about a short story anthology, titled Love and other enchantments which has been sailing, albeit along crests and troughs, for a few months now. Two days back we received the design of our book's front cover.The publishers had asked us if we had any particular suggestion regarding the diagrammatic representation of our collection, and we had conveyed the theme that was brewing in our minds. The theme was solely love and its essence, although a bit skewed towards the poignant nature of it, more than the picture of mushiness that most people tend to associate love stories with. And this is owing to the fact that each story in the anthology is soulful, portraying the sheer intensity of the varied shades of love, rather than focussing merely on the exhilarating nature of it. 

Here, take a look at the design and you will know :- 

I would like to thank the publishers- Blue Rose Publishers for being thoughtful enough to listen to us and for having come up with a cover design, which exudes evocativeness as much as subtleness. And it should not be left unsaid the sturdiness of our group - The Fictitious Five, members of which being along with me, Akash DeepAnuj KumarIshan dafaria and Tanima Kedar, because of which, despite having had conflicting ideas at times, we could dissect each one's opinion to reach a fitting conclusion. 

Having let out a few nuggets about my new venture, I would also like to add that, our dream ship is now on its final lap, gearing for release, which should happen in a couple of weeks. 

Stay with me for more updates :)


Friday, September 18

Hues of Joy

Soft as dew,
Descended slow
In my heart, so deep
To glide past crevices -
Sublime, sheer effervescence.
A joy so rich, luscious and rare,
Leaves you panting, prodding for more
For joy is a dream!- such vibrant and true.


P.S :- This poem has been written in a form of poetry called 'Ethere', where each line contains as much number of syllables as the number of the line.

Friday, September 11

Of Dreams And Life - Friday Musings

                                               Dreams form an inevitable part of a human's life. They inspire us, prompt us and ignite us with the much needed impetus to move forward surviving all odds to finally make the desire a reality. We don't always end up with what we dream, but at other times we do. We aren't offered opportunities in a platter most of the times, but at other times, we stumble upon opportunities while carousing our way through the life pathway. Life is such - weird, instinctive and purposeful - all rolled into one. 

So coming to the purpose of this post, a lot has been happening in my life lately. Being someone who loves reading blog posts with thoughts detailed in an alluring manner, my heart nudges me to do the same, as I outline the incidents one by one.

Friday, September 4


There comes a day, as the body's work cycle makes a complete circle, when you start having that irksome feeling of drive draining from your body. And by drive here I mean the command of your inner diligent self that inspires you to put forward your best effort in whatever you do.

Wednesday, September 2

To Life!

Moving across the cacophonous lives of people displayed on the medium, I take a minute to adsorb in the many vagaries of life. In the frantic hurry to grab limelights, nurturing an implicit intention to be noticed in the crowd, aren't we knowingly or unknowingly forgetting the truest joys of mankind? To be appreciated is anyone's secret desire and it comes without say that there is indeed no harm in it. But, have you ever wondered that, perhaps, there exists an invisible fine line between a desire and greed?

Sunday, November 2

The October That Was !

Months fly by in a jiffy. Harking back, they seem to dissociate into powdery thin bits of the past, those moments that arrived into your life with magnanimous gestures. Few of them manage to remain equally important several days from the happening, but few others fail irrevocably. Maybe it's an idea worth upholding to jot down nitbits from the past,however trivial they may seem in the big picture, so that several years down the lane you would find yourself sweeping away the dust from the attic only to confront the long forgotten gems of your life, the things that made you who you are. 

Saturday, October 18

Of Rain And Life

“I hate rain!”. I stated quite blatantly as the steady downpour dampened my voice. The person on the other end of the phone exclaimed in disbelief. Quite obviously so. For I myself is yet to see atleast one person in a group of five who doesn’t hold the mystifying physiology of earth, that is rain, close to his or her heart. He went onto dissect in fervor the many pros of rain and how it pacified him, refreshing his body and soul, while i blabbered on the many cons like how a rainy day created a havoc in my life, especially when it announced its entry early in the mornings while i am all dressed up neatly for a fresh beginning. 

Monday, October 6


                    Ten years back, on this auspicious date, she got married to Borah. The wedding had been stupendous. Dressed up in her mother’s jewellery, she looked every bit a princess.  The love socked jets  thrown to her through Borah’s gaze  pierced all the way through her blossomed body to the very core – her fluttering heart, only to enthral him with the sight of a bright red hue that spread on her cheeks. His eyes, the colour of jet black kohl, caressed her intentionally and she saw herself cocooning into a shy petite mould inside them. That night, they made love on a floral mattress, the mesmerising odour of fresh flowers insinuating deep into her senses, reviving them.

                 Sita sat huddled in their kitchen, serving him his favourite dish, as the beautiful events of her past flashed across her mind. A hesitant smile dangled at the corners of her quivering lips as she snuggled closer onto her most precious asset, a saffron saree gifted by him in the nascent stage of their marital journey.

 " The food is bland " 

                Borah remarked unabashedly. Resentful and hurt, an excruciating pain swept through her as those words jostled her back to the present.

               Her mother’s dying words came rushing to her heart the very next moment, like it did in every other time of adversity. Love wins all battles.  She just had to keep loving him ignoring all odds, subservient and altruistic, she knew.

"I need to be more careful tomorrow". Sita told herself

Saturday, October 4

Chapter 24 - The Past Revealed

 Read the previous chapter : The Games They Played

               The formidable building that lay sprawled infront of him, with inexplicable and hideous facts tucked away safely into each crevice, brought jitters to Aryan’s already muddled thought flux.

Monday, September 22

Blood Is Red, So Is A Blush

Team Name :  Maximus Dramaticus

‘Life is a rollercoaster ride’. Wasn’t that the phrase people utter eloquently to define life in the most pragmatic of ways! Paresh recalled as he sat manoeuvring the steering wheel of his Porsche, staring deep  into the gloominess, cloaked in black, that lay seamlessly ahead. Getting a bail was the easiest thing a person of his stature could do! Did they miss that!